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London Trauma Hub

105 Nibthwaite Road





We offer 1:1 therapy where our mental health specialists use  evidence-based therapeutic interventions to reduce trauma symptoms. We aim to stabilize current symptoms, facilitate processing of traumatic events and to resource our clients so that they are able to manage stress in the future.


Our highly trained therapists facilitate group therapy using evidence-based trauma interventions.Our group therapy is designed to  address the isolation that is often felt as a result of experiencing trauma. Participants will foster a sense of belonging and become part of a support network that will aid their healing through sharing of experience.


The workshops that we offer are designed for staff and/or carers and aim to develop awareness of the impact of trauma on the the mind and body. We integrate psychoeducation with mindfulness training to resource the participants for future encounters with stress. The content of the training is tailored to fit each group's requirements and we have a collaborative approach to creating our workshop schedules



We offer bespoke packages for business to provide  psychoeducation and stress resilience training for their staff. This content is specially designed and adapted to your organisation's needs and is set up through a collaborative discourse with our mental health professionals.

We understand that many people require a flexible approach to their psychological support and this is why we are advocates of online therapy. By utilising encrypted video calling software we are able to offer flexible appointments that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. We hope to increase accessibility to mental health services for people with mobility issues as well as clients with busy schedules. It also reduces the environmental impact of therapy removing the need to travel.

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