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London Trauma Hub

105 Nibthwaite Road




We are a group of psychotherapists who are passionate about helping the community around us. We aim to make trauma therapy more accessible by removing the barriers to appropriate therapies and education. We also aim to reduce the stigma that is associated with the effects of trauma by promoting awareness through psycho-education in the community.

According to Harrow Council Mental Health Annual Report, National AIPT figures and Office of National Statistics figures, in 2017 there were 22,700 people with trauma related problems and mental health service users in Harrow. A majority of which had trauma triggered disorders and comorbidities such as depression, addiction, anger management anxiety, stress, bipolar and psychosis and these figures are predicted to double by 2020.

We provide a trauma intervention service that solely focuses on reducing the symptoms and impact of trauma using scientifically proven, NICE approved therapies.

We offer one to one counselling, group therapy, workshops and training (for staff and carers so that they can be aware of the impact of trauma) using trauma specific therapies that effectively reduce the associated symptoms of trauma.

Our group therapy and workshops are designed to  tackle isolation that is often felt as a result of experiencing trauma. Participants will foster a sense of belonging and become part of a support network that will aid their healing through sharing of experience. Through evidence-based group interventions we will reduce trauma symptoms experienced by the participants.

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